PDF format for technical documentation

PDF format is a well known international standard (ISO 32000) for electronic documents that is platform independent, which means that it is universally accessible from any device or computer equipment.

From a practical point of view using PDF format for developing and distributing technical documentation -including 3D models- offers the great advantage that this information will be readily accessible from any computer (the only requirement is the freely distributed Adobe Reader) avoiding the use of complex and usually expensive CAD viewers and format converters.


PDF format also brings native tools for implementing security procedures to preserve the document content integrity as well as restricting access to authorized users.


What does interactive document mean?

An interactive document provides a functionality comparable to that of a typical computer application that facilitates access to information, content navigation, user input data collection, etc.

In addition to the already mentioned 3D models, other multimedia contents may also be added to a document such as audio and video. Workflow processes can be automated implementing circuits for document revision, approval, annotations, etc.

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