Digital Mock-Up

Digital Mock-Up (DMU) is a term that refers to a full product description usually as a 3D model in an engineering environment and spans the whole product lifecycle : design, test, manufacturing, inspection and QA, installation, maintenance, disposal, etc.


The main advantages and benefits of developing a DMU process are:

  • Significatively shorten the time to market.
  • Design optimization and product quality improvement.
  • Cost reduction in all processes along the product lifecycle.

The 3D PDF format as a mean for supporting a DMU provides the maximum flexibility and benefits to the enterprise; 3D PDF standarizes not only the data exchange within the company but also in the relationship with third parties: suppliers, customers, distributors, partners, etc.

The DMU concept facilitates a highly efficient mean of conveying information without needing the use of words and overcoming the limitations and reducing the costs associated to the translations when the product target is an international market.

Visual description of the product, its structure and/or operation/assembly:


Customizing the security options, a standard feature of the PDF format, the author of the document can restrict the content access by password as well as prevent other uses ( high res. printing, content copying and extracting, modifiying, etc.) :


A PDF DMU shows a visual product description, its structure, working and assembly; you may interactively explore the 3D model selecting among several views, getting closer to see the details, making transparent some components and watching inside.


Markets / Industries

In their origin the main application area of the CAD tools was the mechanical design but today the DMU concept based on a 3D model can be extended to many other engineering fields or even to disciplines not related to manufacturing or building.

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Ship building
  • Railway
  • Industrial plants
  • BIM (Building Information Modeling)
  • Industrial machinery, etc.

All these industries have in common the intensive use of 3D information in many of their processes.


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