• Interactive documents with 3D models
    Easily accessible documents from any device with Adobe Reader
  • Interactive documentary technology
  • The most efficient way of conveying technical contents

Interactive Technical Documentation for the Industry

It is a new documentary technology whose main feature is to incorporate 3D models into a PDF document. This 3D model can be explored directly by the user who may rotate, shift, zoom in/out the object to get a realistic product view from any perspective.

This user interaction may be enriched by animating the object individual components (without losing its three-dimensional nature) for illustrating and visually depicting any assembling/ disassembling procedure, etc. among other applications. The outcome is a content with a great depiction power and that in most cases does not require additional text explanations, which make it highly convenient for documents targeted to international markets since it precludes or minimizes translations.

A high quality technical documentation means a significative improvement in any information exchange process; regardless of the process is limited to an internal use within the organisation or to external third parties : customers, suppliers, partners, etc. the interactive documentation professionally designed raises your company to the next level.

Interactive model (use your mouse to explore the model)